How can I make IE 11 open links/pages in new window and not in new tab?

The following Html/JavaScript code is intent to open a webpage in new window, but there is no guarantee it always works as we expect in different machines only with the below code. The reason behind it is also the IE settings that controls this behavior. So, often it frustrates the developer to achieve this functionality if it is a requirement.

But this a simple setting in IE, below screen shot shows the setting that is when the above feature may not be working as desired.

IE New Window Setting - Before

IE New Window Setting – Before

In IE->Internet Options->General->Tabs setting the above highlighted one may or may not allow the webpage to open in new window. But the setting that is just below the highlighted one will make sure the pages are always opened in new windows. Below screen shot shows the correct setting IE->Internet Options->General->Tabs->Always open pop-ups open in new window.

IE New Window Setting - After

IE New Window Setting – After

This above setting should work in previous versions of IE as well.

How to find your Windows 7 PC is running 32-bit or 64-bit OS

Often we may need to update/install drivers or software in our systems. So it is always better to know the exact version of OS our system is running so that we can download the right version of drivers/software to avoid waste of time.

To find whether the Windows 7 pc or laptop is running on 32-bit or 64 bit follow the below steps,

Go to Start->Computer then right click

Click Properties

Computer Properties

The below highlighted information reveals the correct version of your Windows 7 OS

System Properties

The same information can also retrieved by Start->Control Panel->System which will get you to the above screen where you can find the information.

Display Currency Symbol, Icons in webpage using CSS

Recently I came across a need to display rupee(₹) symbol in a webpage, there are several ways through which we can accomplish this. For example

  • We can use html entities, hex/dec codes etc (but user browsers/desktop need to support these native fonts)

  • We could use icon images – but then you need to have all those images

So these options has its own disadvantages, and on further search I came across this interesting CSS way of doing this, yes there are several open  source CSS libraries available these days which you can download and include in your projects/use the cdn links(I would prefer to download a copy and include in my project because we never know how long the cdn may exist). One such opensource CSS library I came across is fontawesome, yes to me it is really awesome. I’ll share some of the examples below, for complete list please visit their website and you will wonder seeing their collection they have.

Display Currency/Symbol in html

To display the above symbols/icons we can use the fontawesome css and easily get it done as follows, also if you want to try the same online please follow this demo link.

As I mentioned earlier above is just a sample and there are lot you can accomplish using this open source css library, also it is bootstrap and html5 compatible. Below are few more sample snapshots of things we can achieve using this css library. Hope this may be useful to someone.

FileType Icons

Hand Icons

Medical Icons

Transportation Icons

Web Icons